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6 Reasons Why a Small Marketing Agency is the Best Choice

Marketing is a special skill. While many claim to have it, few actually have the chops to back that claim up. Unfortunately, many businesses end up spending thousands of dollars before realizing that the service and results they're receiving are not up to par. The interesting thing? This often happens with large marketing agencies. But why?

Bigger is Not Always Better

Large marketing companies often spend tens or hundreds of thousands on acquisition campaigns to obtain their customers. They're flashy, boasting an impressive strategy presentation, perfectly designed website, and several contacts introduced to you early on, each of whom will play a different role in your contract.

Buy once you sign that dotted line... suddenly the service becomes spotty. Much of the actual "grunt work" ends up being outsourced overseas where time differences and language barriers make it challenging to communicate.

The disadvantages of large marketing agencies include:

  • Agents are juggling many clients and may not have the time to devote the proper energy to your project

  • Most require contracts, locking you in to long periods of time or large financial investments

  • Some services are often outsourced, making customer service a challenge after you've signed a contract

  • The expense required is usually pretty high

Look, I am not saying that big agencies are all bad. There are some awesome companies out there. But even the good ones have a pretty steep budget requirement.

Benefits of Choosing a Small Marketing Agency

Most users don't need a thousand-person agency to run a successful campaign. In fact, small marketing agencies offer a myriad of benefits that are ideal for clients both big and small. Below, we discuss each in more detail.

  1. More affordable

  2. Faster turnaround

  3. Individualized attention

  4. No contracts

  5. In-house support and service providers

  6. Support a small business

Small Agencies are More Affordable

One of the main reasons why companies choose a small marketing agency has to do with price. Users experience sticker shock when they see the three-figure quotes of the big guys, so they start to search for a small business that will fit the bill. Lower overhead is a given when there are fewer middlemen and business expenses.

Small Marketing Companies Offer Fast Turnaround

A major benefit of a smaller agency is a fast turnaround for projects. They are incredibly efficient and eager to please their clients, aligning well with clients on program efficiency and objective clarity. Small marketing agencies are often much more agile, able to give clients their deliverables at lighting speed.

Feel like a VIP with Individualized Attention

When you're on a shorter list of clients, you're bound to be treated like a VIP. With less juggling of other clients, small marketing agencies are able to provide their customers with individualized attention, fast response time to inquiries, and as much handholding as the customer may need. Staff members of a small agency are able to invest themselves wholly into a project, not only making clients feel like they're important, but creating a more focused, finished product.

Start and End When You Want with No Contract Required

Most small marketing agencies don't require a contract for the work provided. This means that clients have the option of stepping away at any time. So if you find that you are unhappy with the service or product, you can walk away.

In-House Service i.e. No Outsourcing

Many small marketing agencies complete all of their services in-house, so clients are never speaking to someone outside of the country or company itself. This makes it a great choice for those who want someone in the same general time zone, native language, and for those who want to support their more local economy.

Do Good & Feel Good by Supporting a Small Business

Supporting a small business often means you are supporting companies that are at the forefront of sustainability, have powerful customer care, and is more transparent. Not to mention you're helping families directly, removing middlemen and allowing more of the profit to go to the employees.

If at First You Don't Succeed, Choose a Small Marketing Agency

It's so easy to be blinded by the flashy campaigns and presentation of a large company. But start putting them side-by-side and they all blur together. Muddied communication and a steep investment make them a good fit for only certain customers.

Marketing agencies come in many sizes and shapes, each offering their own advantages and disadvantages. In my 15 years of marketing, I have worked with agencies big and small, and time and time again, the small agencies come out on top. That's why I almost always recommend choosing a small marketing agency.

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